Part 4 – Ta-daaaa!! The lavender planting is complete!

I’d like to give a great big thank you to Keith, Pam, Rebecca and my husband Gordon for helping me plant. Without you I’d still be there up to my elbows in soil and I know the plants really appreciate getting in the ground! I’d also like to thank all those who offered to help plant but weren’t able to make it.

Pam, Keith and me planting lavender

It’s taken approximately 10 days to complete the planting including “rain stop play” days and “waiting for the ground to dry out afterwards” days. One thing I’ve learned however is that Stargazers does have it’s own micro-climate as even though it may be raining heavy in Kennett Square, just a few miles away at Stargazers they won’t have had a drop!

Unfortunately I lost several plants to root rot before I even managed to plant them. There didn’t seem to be a pattern to which ones died, ones with root rot were in trays right next to plants whose soil was almost dry, so I don’t believe they were over watered. I don’t know whether it was a pot issue, i.e. some pots not draining properly, or maybe not all pots had the same soil. Fortunately I managed to save some before they completely succumbed, hopefully they’ll be happier in the ground and begin to flourish. This is why lavender requires well drained soil as they will get root rot if they sit in water. At Stargazers the soil is very “schisty” rather than “clayey” and so drains well and allows the roots to go deep.

Lavender farms plant in rows to assist harvesting, so in order to know where to dig a hole for each plant we used a 100′ length of twine with markers every 3′, chalked an X on the weed fabric and then moved the twine over 5′ to mark the next row.  A hole was cut in the weed barrier at each X using a bulb planter as a template and the soil dug out by pushing the bulb planter into the ground and pulling out a chunk of earth.  Anything lurking in or around the hole that may hinder drainage was removed, the soil loosened, and finally a little lavender plant was popped into the ground making sure the roots were snug and secure.

Finally done!

Below is a picture of me with John and Alice Weygandt, the owner/operators of Stargazers, toasting the lavender garden with a chilled glass of Stargazers’ wonderful sparkling wine.

If you like a drop of bubbly then you’ll love Stargazers sparkling wine and if you don’t like bubbly you should try Stargazers sparkling wine as you may be very pleasantly surprised!  I know I didn’t and I was very pleasantly surprised, it’s very very nice!

Cheers to a successful lavender garden/farm planting!

Come on over and smell the lavender…..okay, the plants may be too small at the moment but just wait ’till next year! Well no, don’t wait, come see it now and watch it grow and enjoy a wine tasting while you’re here!!


One thought on “Part 4 – Ta-daaaa!! The lavender planting is complete!

  1. How delighted I am. Congratulations on your planting. Now the fun really begins. I know it hurts but keep nipping them in the bud this first year. They will reward you with a fragrant and bountiful harvest next year!

    This is so fun as a teacher to see the student’s new field. I feel like a parent watching a child’s first steps.

    Wonderful photos, wonderful story!


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